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We go for live quotes and help you to compare countless plans from the top best insurance companies. We assure you that you find the best plans on best price listed on our website. If you get the same plan for the same coverage available at lesser price, we will refund the difference. So, go ahead and make your move with confidence.


We are merged with the top most insurance companies to help you any respective query at any time. Our users have rates us No.1 in the industry for our quality and services. Be it comparisons of quotes and services, helping you in getting the best plan as per your need, making changes to your current opted policy or claims, we are available 24x7 hours at your service.

Dedicated Claims Desk

We have a team of efficient professionals which is dedicated to helping our users in the event of claim. So, you facing trouble with your existing policy and want to claim, let us know and we will guide you at every step whether it is documentation or procedure, will help you liaise with the insurance company and ready to even legal fight for you if needed. We are with you at every turn point of your insurance policy.


Clients are not just clients for us, we treat them as homiest and care equally as the family does. We show them right, true and beneficial way. The guidance is given in a very faithful satisfactory manner and there is no cost in return for the services like others do for. Having a reputation among our existing clients and in the industry, the feeling of hospitality comes from within. We completely understand our clients feeling and emotions which helps us to get our customer right and true choice. Our Moto is “Do TREAT OUR CLIENTS AS THEY ARE OUR OWN FAMILIES” and prevent them from any fraudulent, crooked, dishonest and fake assurance.

No Paper Work

You can enjoy the advantage of Insurance without paper work. We have saved the best for you and when you buy any policy online, you acquire your insurance policy right away. You dint have to wait for long and days for it, also you are covered at once. In adding, you are saved from the hassle of all the tedious work paper work. As there are no partialities in coverage, but the differences in costs and services are enough to make you opt for online and never bother an agent again.


Under the Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 the amount of sum assured plus any bonus (i.e. the policy proceeds) paid on death of the insured or on maturity or surrender of policy are completely tax free for the receiver subject to certain conditions. • Contributions to a Pension plan are eligible for deduction under Section 80CCC* of the Act, subject to the provisions of the section. • Premiums paid on life insurance are exempt from tax as per Section 80C of Income Tax Act. • The proceeds of a life insurance policy, whether it is Maturity amount or the sum assured, are exempt under Section 10(10D) of the Act.

About Us

Insurance is the need for the product as well as life. As the talk comes over the expiry date or some situation where we don’t know the subject and role of the incident, there the insurance takes place and plays a very important role for the financial condition as well for the family that is depending upon the policy which is getting beneficial to you. For this we are here to give genuine information and explain you about different policy where you can feel the familiar relation among agent and the customers, or we can say that defending people who thought about future & family and health as well as his/her products. He obviously took the agent to spend the little bit of income to their own insurance purpose or for non-living things. For that all, we are here to serve you in a familiar way where there is no hesitation felt by the customer about any of the situation. India is a largely unprotected market. There are many situations in life when Insurance is just about the crucial difference you want to have on your side. Gap of the protection is held 90-95% and it is not getting importance, means to say from over 100% there is situation held like death is overcome with disadvantageous, that arise of clam only Rs.5-10 available to public at large. India is now becoming the more important for the protection of self as well as products, health and for financial subjects. Our motto is to serve India as Indian, no complication in our talk with the client like we serve our family relations so we give beneficial advises that we assure and commit. For the common people it is getting complex to add insurance on product in the country, there are unfortunate history of rapid miss-selling. But now is for the time to make it common To add to the difficulties, The customers remain at the receiving end both at time of purchase and also when it comes to seeking claim and we are making it simple for them

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